Monday, August 22, 2011

Niah Nature Hike

Although I have been to the caves several, I was plesantly surprised to catch something different this time....harvesting of bird's nest in live action. It should have been over on a Friday, but this time, the harvesters needed another day. Posting some photos here to share the experience.

A harvester descending a bamboo pole (estimated height, 60 ft).

After the pole has been moved and the 4 stay wired tightened, a harvester shoots up the pole faster than I could crawl on flat land.

Upon reached the top, he sits on the platform and plans the next moves.

Using a pole about 20 feet long, with a scraper on its tip, the harvesting begins.

RM80 per piece, fresh and hot from the cave roof.

Perhaps one day, we can see more. ;-)

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